Team Connection

Belonging – quite an underestimated word really.

“A sense of belonging is one of humanity’s basic needs” Cambridge Dictionary

We know teams are continuing to work remotely from each
other and businesses experience both the benefits and the challenges of this.

Whilst there are massive cost and energy saving benefits to our new working ways, we also know
using this way and this way only can lead to isolation, disconnection and at worst, people checking

Time to take your team for a walk.

Engaged, energised and enthused teams are born out of collaboration and synergy. Teams are more
likely to collaborate and perform brilliantly if they can leverage each other’s strengths. And they’re
only likely to establish and actually value these strengths by spending time connecting and growing
together. Teams that know, like and trust each other thrive.

That’s why we do what we do.

We give teams the time together they need to feel they belong.

Let’s create something together

We work across the UK. Walking in the hills and mountains are a core part of how we help teams connect with purpose, themselves and each other. We don’t have a set price list, although we do offer guide prices, because every team has unique needs. If you want to explore a day together, why not book a short call with us to chat about what you need. We’ll create a bespoke proposal for you. 

Emma and John.