What’s the priority?

Let’s talk about multiple priorities. Priority – that which is prior. The first thing on the list.

You can’t have lots of first things on a list. That wouldn’t be a list. and it certainly wouldn’t be a thought through plan based on business case.

Where did the word priorities come from then? Google to the rescue. It turns out we invented it in the 1940s it just didn’t appear in literature before then. There’s nothing like a world war to get us working on multiple fronts at once.

Graph Source – Google nGram

We get it though; you’re running a business or a department. There’s lots to get done, a finite amount of time, budget and resources. Oh, and that’s just what you know about right now. There’ll be new initiatives and problems around the corner. 

Working across IT departments as a senior business analyst, John has developed a succinct model and probing questioning approach that helps teams get to the nub of what’s important to get done and what can (or needs to) wait.

  • Outline a high level business case or benefit for each.
  • We do the work in advance to define the initiatives and projects in play.
  • We look at high level cost and time estimates to get them done.
  • We consider the impact on not doing a project or delaying it.
  • We make sure the group is aligned on all that could be done.
  • We make sure the group is aligned on all that could be done.

Then we go for a walk.

We know tensions can rise when there’s a lot to get done, competing views of relative importance or hard decisions to be made. When we’re out walking together there’ll be time to let the mornings work settle. For people to get into the nuances of each project and why it matters to others. As a group we will have a shared journey towards a shared vision for the future.

When we return to base it’s time to create the strategy. We’ll help you define what’s to be done next, what will follow on after that and what won’t be done at all. 

Sounds simple. It is, let us walk you through it.

Let’s create something together

We work across the UK. Walking in the hills and mountains are a core part of how we help teams connect with purpose, themselves and each other. We don’t have a set price list, although we do offer guide prices, because every team has unique needs. If you want to explore a day together, why not book a short call with us to chat about what you need. We’ll create a bespoke proposal for you. 

Emma and John.