We’re firm believers in teams thriving not just surviving. Sound cliché?

We know when teams are not functioning well, cracks appear fairly quickly. Motivation dips, conflict surfaces, performance feels out of reach.

Purpose and meaning drifts and individuals become disengaged.

That’s why we offer The GC Index (let’s get to the positive bit…)

The GC Index is an incredible ‘organimetric’ – a measurement framework that identifies how people contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

It’s wonderfully simple to understand and gives incredible insight into how teams relate to each other.

You also come away with a totally new language. A way to talk with one another that builds connection, collaboration and powers your business.

These are the individuals who generate the ideas and possibilities that have the potential to be transformational

These are the individuals who get things done. As leaders they shape strategic plans and deliver tangible outcomes

These individuals create a future to be proud of. They focus on making things better, continual improvement, and the pursuit of excellence

These individuals focus on getting the best from others, individually and collectively, in support of agreed objectives

These individuals see the future. They engage others with a clear direction that brings focus to action

We’d love to talk with you about the how this could support your team.  

What our GC Index clients say…

“This language helps me to really learn quicky about people and adapt when it’s necessary. Understanding how they work and read people a bit better.”

Simon Collingridge - Chief people officer

A better understanding that not everyone else is the same. We all have our part to play. I can spot the different impact areas in our Friday morning call!

Clare Ball MCIPD - HR Manager

“When I'm working with others, I'm asking myself "ok, where do you sit in the GC Index" it's helping me to understand why I might be feeling frustrated.”

“I'll be changing my language and using GC Index stuff when I'm talking to others about what could be better. It’s a really simple language that I've found really easy to use.”

Let's create something together

We work across the UK. Walking in the hills and mountains are a core part of how we help teams connect with purpose, themselves and each other. We don't have a set price list, although we do offer guide prices, because every team has unique needs. If you want to explore a day together, why not book a short call with us to chat about what you need. We’ll create a bespoke proposal for you. 

Emma and John.