Our Partners

We care about who we work with. We know you do too.  

Our unique partners share an understanding that positive change for individuals and teams is 100% possible. And when it is facilitated well, it can be fun and transformative well beyond the current working context.  

By working together, we offer a range of walking workshops. And if you’re looking for some good old fashioned ‘indoor’ or ‘on-line’ development / wellbeing content, we heartily recommend them for that too. 

Look Again

Mindful photography for mental health, wellbeing, resilience & positive change.

We have a mutual client to thank for noticing the similarities in purpose and approach between us and Ruth. You don’t have to climb a mountain to take mindful photos, but it helps!


A (w)holistic approach to transforming people & work.

We love having a brew with Sam. She’s the only person we’d recommend to help you create organisation wide wellbeing strategy

Next Steps

Inspiring Leaders – Aligning Strategy – Delivering Change

Whilst we know a thing or two about leadership workshops, our partnership with Gemma and her team at Next Steps takes things much further than we can on the hill. Next steps bespoke leadership development programmes are the perfect choice if your people need more intensive support from outside your organisation.

Nova Associates

Mental health training and first aid

We know first hand about the need to look after your own mental health and the support you can give to others.

Together with Clare and her team we can offer mental health training and mental health first aid courses up a hill or along a coastline.

Jay Unwin

Stress, hugs & rock n roll

Taking ownership of our stress response physical and mental health needs more than a new years resolution. With Jay we offer a unique workshop and mountain walk to engage, enthuse and take positive steps towards lasting change.

He’s also available for keynote speaking at the top of a mountain. But you may find it easier to assemble your organisation closer to home.

Let’s create something together

We work across the UK. Walking in the hills and mountains are a core part of how we help teams connect with purpose, themselves and each other. We don’t have a set price list, although we do offer guide prices, because every team has unique needs. If you want to explore a day together, why not book a short call with us to chat about what you need. We’ll create a bespoke proposal for you. 

Emma and John.