Take ownership of your wellbeing

A one day workshop to help individuals focuss on their well being

Pre Event Zoom call and survey 3-6 weeks in advance

On the day

Each participant will:

  • Create a personal well formed problem statement about how they currently manage their wellbeing and the impact that has.
  • Generate a clear vision for a good outcome for personal wellbeing
  • Leave equipped with the steps to get there and awareness of tools that will work for them

Wellbeing can mean lots of different things to all of us. We each have different levels of wellbeing we need and expect, or at least we think we do. We each have different tools and approaches to feeling better, being more healthy, feeling productive and looking after our minds. And we each take different levels of responsibility for self care. The one thing we have in common is the responsibility to look after ourselves. When we ‘graduated childhood’ we weren’t given a leaflet with a 7 step plan to follow to look after ourselves. We didn’t sign a 3 page agreement to stay aware of and be proactive in improving our own wellbeing. Some of us are lucky enough to find ourselves with supportive friends and family who will notice when we’re in need of looking after ourselves. Others less so.

This workshop will focus on helping individuals understand what wellbeing means to them.. We’ll draw out the tools and activities people are already using successfully, and encourage these to be shared amongst the group. Following the basic principles of CBT each individual will identify the things that improve their wellbeing (by their definition) and those activities that are detrimental to it.

We’ll use a combination of classroom style, whole group discussion, 2-3 person discussion and written exercises.. Whilst we’re walking, we’ll pair up and answer guided questions from a card to help draw out further ideas. And we’ll swap over as we walk to make sure we all get a chance to talk and share. When we finish our walk, get back to the venue and take our boots off, we’ll take time to capture individual commitments – physically writing down the things they’ll do going forward to look after their own wellbeing. An ‘instruction manual for my wellbeing’. ”. We’ll finish with each person making one commitment out loud to a change they are going to make.

A thread throughout the whole day will also be simple, quick self care techniques that can be taken away and practiced by everyone that attends, 

Timings: 9:30am  – 4:30pm to allow for travel

Selection of quality drinks and pastries on arrival

Afternoon tea and cake on return to our base

Post Event We welcome participants to join a video call after the event to share how they are progressing towards teh well being goals they have set for them selves. We find this helps with acountability and ongoing support.

We provide a online survey 3 months after the workshop to capture the impact and feedback.

Participants can opt in to a private online group for peer support on all things wellbeing. This can be unique to your company or the wider community that have been on our wellbeing trips.

What’s the next step?

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