Team connection experiences – outdoor coaching events to inspire and support your teams.

Workshops, walking & talking covering what matters to your team

  • Wellness at work and stress management
  • Connecting again – working together post-pandemic
  • Managing change

Who’s this for?
You’re a team of people with a set of aims and objectives who over the past 18 months have had very little option other than to interact in the Zoomiverse! You’ve done your best; it’s been exhausting and you’re ready for something different.

A fresh start. Renewed energy. Not feeling foggy about the future. We could all do with that
couldn’t we? Let’s face it, the pandemic has left many of us feeling stressed out. And that thing about ‘team work making the dream work’? Only on ‘Zoom? Forget it.

So how about this for an idea? A one-day coaching session in the calm, open space of the Brecon Beacons. Just walking and talking out in the fresh air, hearing the birds sing or catching a glimpse of a mountain stream coursing down the valley.

Ask us about other locations we have to offer too.

Who are we?
Let us introduce ourselves; our experiences are led by Emma Stubbings, a Certified Professional Coach and John Tierney who’s an experienced Mountain Leader.

‘I give managers and teams the tools they need to build resilience against stress and improve their communication’.

‘We do this outside for a reason, a relaxed state, a distracted mind, and a dopamine high is a proven formula for creativity and innovation. It’s why we get our best ideas when we’re outside.

‘When we’re outside we can notice more easily what’s holding us back and find useful ways to move past the barriers’

‘As you walk, you’re breathing in fresh air, gazing at the scenery and hearing the sounds of nature’

‘It refreshes your brain and you come away feeling energised and relaxed’

‘The conversations that normally take place are different when you’re outside in a beautiful place’

What’s on offer?
Three main themes of workshops, which we almost always tailor to the specific needs of your group:

  • Wellness at work and stress management
  • Connecting again: working together post-pandemic
  • Managing change

We also offer DISC personality profiling for leadership teams, placing focus on improving communication, and team cohesion.

Prices start at £2495 for a full day based on a group of 6-10. Talk to us about packages for larger teams.

What’s involved?

Before each event, we’ll meet to get to the heart of what matters to you and agree what outcomes the group would like to achieve. We’ll then take this away and design you an experience to suit

What’s the next step?

We’re excited to talk with you. Call us today. Click the button to get in touch.

Call or email John or Emma to book your place or ask us any questions.