An immersive programme that asks you to experience a new way to navigate change

Step outside your normal environment so that you can focus on the changes you want to make. This day involves a mixture of an indoor workshop at a fantastic eco-workspace and a guided walk through the beautiful Brecon Beacons.

We all go through changes; sometimes intentionally, more often as a passenger. At Connect Outside, we don’t want to help you manage one change; we want to show you how to navigate them all.

Whether its change forced upon us or change we know we want to make, it can feel overwhelming, like a mountain to climb. When we don’t know where to start, we tend to either fear it or resist it. Keeping us static and stuck.

Come join John Tierney (professional mountain leader) and Emma Stubbings (executive coach and NLP master practitioner) and we’ll step through exercises with you that will shift your perspective on how you manage change now and going forward.

Wednesday 30th March


How it feels to be fully aware of and excited about the next step you’ll take.

The questions to ask yourself to step through change and be fully engaged with your outcome.

How taking yourself to wild places, up above the day to day helps create a unique perspective on how you want to shape things when you get back down.

We’ll guide you in advance to come prepared with a goal, behaviour or situation you’d like to be different for you.

Then let the day unfold and explore with us literally! We’ll combine fresh air with fresh thinking. This is an experiential exercise, getting away from distractions and normal places to help move beyond old ways of thinking and seeing. Use the expansiveness of the outdoors to help you do this work.

And the transformation doesn’t need to stop at the end of the day. Take advantage of further coaching with Emma Stubbings – Executive Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

Changes we can help you work on might include:

Next step in career

New self care regime

Making a choice about a relationship

Setting boundaries with others

Getting out of bad habits or unhealthy routines

Taking a business to the next level

Choosing to let something go

Where ?

Like work but different, Brecon Beacons

What’s included:

> pre event online workshop to cover the details of the day, meet the group and some homework to prepare.

> tea and coffee on arrival with pastries from to help us up the hill.

> workshop indoors and a space to shelter from any weather at the fantastic eco-workspace

> guided hill walk with change to learn or improve navigation while we think and talk about the change we are working on

> summit workshop – develop your change toolkit and set intention from above it all

> Afternoon snacks to keep us moving from the fabulous

> wrap up the day back at base with 1:1 time if needed

> set off ready to manage change differently

> Access to an exclusive online community for attendees on our courses to help share knowledge and experience. We will also use this community to offer support and help hold each other to account as we navigate changes down the road. We’ll launch other trips exclusively here first, as we know who you go on adventures with is often more important than where you go. And as our community grows we’ll be offering mountain trips with and without a coaching element.

You’ll work with a partner through some structured questions, using established coaching techniques to help each other explore your situation. To review or form your plans. But almost more importantly to embed that vision of how you want it to be. Of how it will feel when you’ve achieved your goals. This vision will be anchored in your mind in an awesome place, with amazing people. When you need to remind yourself of that commitment you’ve made to yourself, that’s easy – we’re staying connected between the walks to support each other online. Or you could go for a short walk from your house to a wood, a stream or a nearby sheep and ask for that reminder you need.

When we get back to base, there will be time to collect the thoughts from the day. We’ll invite you to write down some of the refreshed vision and key actions, frame your new goals and draft a revised plan of action.

If you then want further input from us between the walks, we’re here for you with our coaching and business analysis toolkit close at hand.

Why is this a good thing for me?

If you’ve read this far you probably already have more than a gut feeling that you’d benefit from something like this. 

We all work better when we are open with ourselves, and a great way to do that can be by being open with other people. 

When you’re running a small business (or a big one) by yourself, there is a huge range of challenges. Especially when you factor in all the other things you need to get done in a week. You know how easy it is to get caught up in “just doing stuff mode”. You almost certainly do make plans. You probably stick to them at times. But you have a nagging doubt that you’re actually using your time effectively. 

You may feel that you’re not getting the most out of the finite time and energy you have available. You maybe remember working in larger teams where the workload could be spread out? You got the benefit of insight from other perspectives, have a sounding board for your ideas or simply getting that motivation from colleagues or peers who get what you’re going through. And you miss that.

Why not join us? We’d value your input and can’t wait to collaborate with you. 

And if you’re noticing yourself thinking right now… 

“Nah, I’m going to potter on for 2022. I’m not ready to invest in being more strategic. I can do that without paying for it and going for a walk. I can hold myself to account, or I’ll at least give it a good go, I don’t need others to collaborate or connect with”.

We salute you. Go for it! We all have different priorities. But we’d love to stay in touch and perhaps you might want to come on some of our other events, please consider joining our (not spammy) mailing list. We’d also love to hear how you’re getting on, and find out more about the challenges you’re having in our online community. We find that peer support, and finding out what matters for small business people can help all of our clients. It can also help us shape our future events. We are pretty sure you’ll get something good out of it too…

How do I join?

The day is priced at £145.

Call or email John or Emma to book your place or ask us any questions.